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Norm Wagnor Toyota & Scion

Our toyota tacoma failed inspection due to a faulty air bag sensor. I was told by Toyota Corporation to bring it to a local Toyota Dealer for diagnostics. We went to Norm Wagnor Toyota on the Lancaster/Leominster line and paid $94.00 for the diagnostic test which revealed a faulty airbag sensor and a faulty tire sensor (both lights were on). Well,this we knew because the manual and the lights tell us that WITHOUT the $94.00 fee. So we scheduled a service appointment for the next day to have the faulty air bag sensor replaced. The charge was $454.79 which included a labor fee of $188.00. In addition they charged another $94.00 diagnostic fee which they call a labor charge. I went back to the dealer and disputed this charge hopeing they would reverse the charge. They did NOT do so. They told me they had to take all four tires off to get the sensor numbers and put them into the computer and then hit the reset button to make the light go off. My son had new tires installed a few weeks ago and it is common for the tire sensor light to go on while replacing tires. My question to them was "why didn't you do that the other day when I was here and you had the tires off and I waited for 1 1/2 hours in the lobby while they did that time they told me the cable was broken. WELL, the cable was not broken and it took a simple reset and a DOUBLE LABOR CHARGE.....

I call this unfair and deceptive practice. We currently own four toyota's that have all been purchased from one dealer in the Worcester area. That dealer (Herb Chambers) and our salesperson (Tim Dalton) are honest, reputable and care about their customers. I can NOT say the same thing about Norm Wagnor Toyota. We had occasion to visit their showroom when we were looking to purchase the Tacoma. We could not get a price on a vehicle without providing our license, social security number and address. NOT A TEST DRIVE, a price! When I asked to see the manager he told me that is their policy....hmm, do you think they were running the credit in the back room without a customer's permission? Why else would they need a social security number before they give you a price. Their sales people are aggressive and obnoxious. We left the showroom, drove to Herb Chambers, drove a few Tacoma's without the hype or SS# and purchased on the spot.......WAGNOR is the worst Toyota dealer in the area. Stay away if you don't want to get fleeced for service.


A Very Unhappy Customer

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